Bioflora is a Plant Biology and Evolution research team integrated by scientific staff from the University of Zaragoza and the Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología (IPE, CSIC). The main interest of the group focuses on molecular systematics, population-genetics, bio/phylogeography, comparative genomics, diversity and conservation of plants. The group of species that constitute our primary interest are the temperate grasses (Poaceae, Festuca, Brachypodium), distributed in most continents and including many ecologically and economically important species, the yams (Dioscoreaceae), and other steppe and alpine Mediterranean-type plant species. Our research emphasize on studies of phylogeny, speciation, hybridization, polyploidization, island and continental colonizations, reproductive biology, ecological adaptation, niche modelling, conservation genetics and taxonomy. Our lab has implemented new approaches from molecular markers in analyses of inheritance in plant polyploids. For more details information visit the research lines, publications and Bioflora people.

Bioflora was recognized as an official research team by the Spanish Regional Aragon Government in 2000.